At the heart of the story is the fallacy of revenge, a universal theme.  However, Huckleberry’s gender identity as a transgender man is very relevant in these times of “bathroom bills” and increased violence and discrimination towards the trans, non-binary and the broader gender non-conforming communities.

This film takes place in the late 90’s but is very relevant today.  Huckleberry’s appeal and charisma reflects the changing values of the “millennial generation” which increasingly rejects the stigmas associated with queer identified people.  While Huckleberry wrestles with his own moral choices, he is confident in his gender identity. His aspirations are complicated however by social pressure and threats of violence to conform, a familiar struggle for queer people growing up in conservative small towns.  The context of the film also explores the economic devastation wrought upon a blue-collar town suffering from a dwindling manufacturing economic base.