Cover Letter For the movie Huckleberry By Director Roger Hill

Thank you for considering our film Huckleberry for your film festival.  We are looking to premiere at festivals that recognize this film as a suspenseful window into the lives of distinct characters, set amidst the intrigue of a Rust Belt environment.

We chose to write and cast a transgender-male protagonist to create a richer story, and as an effort to increase visibility in a country where 85% of people say they do not know a trans person.  

Unfortunately transgender characters are still often portrayed by cisgender actors, and stories not centered around a character’s gender identity often don’t consider casting trans or non-binary actors.  Huckleberry seeks to break that mold.  

We believe this is the next frontier for broadening representation in Hollywood:  Choosing to write and cast queer characters in stories that could otherwise stand alone without them.

While Huck, as his friends call him, is fallible in some regards, he is a character that people will identify with. His struggles are very familiar to anyone whose felt the pangs of an unrequited love saddled with an abusive partner, and his decisions are informed by the tableau of his life experience, not simply his gender identity.

We feel it’s important to portray a dynamic character, with a unique story, unburdened with the absurd pressure of representing all trans people worldwide.  

We hope you enjoy our film, recognize our vision, and choose to embrace Huckleberry in your festival!